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灣A麻吉  Taiwanimal 系列周邊



●  公司名稱:百繪設計有限公司   ●  品牌名稱:灣ㄟ麻吉   ●  作品名稱:灣ㄟ麻吉 果乾禮盒設計

灣ㄟ麻吉 果乾禮盒


Native land, the pure age of barefoot step on the dirt;capture the frogs when under sunset at harvested rice fields;dragonfly flying over the miscanthus in continuously rain;the starry sky at night with only cicadas and frogs tweet.Small loach in the paddy fields;chasing the resting egrets in rows with swamp.Using banana peel,pineapple skin to capture the beetle;fish and shrimp have become our good playmates.These childhood best friend have been accompanied us growing up,slowly disappeared by our side.We lose and cherish;and even more precious because of cherish.

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