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There are about 301 Farmers’ Associations in Taiwan. The products are dazzling, abut the brands are numerous and messy. No one can put these products together consistency、systematically and beautifully. This case is to solve the same problemsfaced by the Liu Jia District Farmer’s Association.

Tainan is the granary rice town with the longest history. Farming still remembers the construction of the Chianan Channel during the Japanese occupation. In order to preserve the historical memory of the Japanese period, this design does not let the brand’s vision only retain the old feeling, but can have a mix of Taiwanese and Japanese new styles.We choice the style of Rice Cake Mold engraving to highlight the culture of rice in Tainan , and weave rice grains into Japanese flower pattern. It is supplemented by the hollowed-out shape of hot rice to satisfy Taiwanese consumers who like to see the food itself and judge whether it is fresh or not.By understanding the market, target, price and expectations of each brand of rice (Koshihikari, Wushantou, Chishan rice), and supplemented by handwritten brand names and color plans, consumers can re-cultivate the memory and habit of purchasing.

Add a bowl of rice and choose ingredients to evoke your memory; the ricein the photo are what they used to appear in your life.


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