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國立成功大學年報中,各篇章羅列學校在永續發展目標SDGs各方面的卓越成果。內容包含了延攬國際優秀人才、發展實踐教育與城市脈動『踏溯台南』的創新課程、培育跨域人才、強化全球國連結及加強國際人才競合力等方面,展現顯著成果;榮登2022年英國《泰晤士高等教育特刊》(Times Higher Education, THE)世界大學影響力排名,世界33名、台灣第1名。


In Cheng Kung University’s Annual Report, each article lists the school’s outstanding achievements in various aspects of the SDGs.

The content includes recruiting international talents, carrying out practical education and innovative curriculum urban exploration curriculum “EXPLORING TAINAN”, cultivating interdisciplinary talents, strengthening international connections and global competence. National Cheng Kung University has seized the first place among Taiwan universities and ranked 33 in the whole world in the 2022 Impact Rankings by Times Higher Education.

The mission of the Annual Report is to communicate the school’s achievements, connect internationally, and maintain alumni sentiments around the world.

This project organizes the annual activities, collects images, shoots the campus and scholars, and creates pleasant readability through the design of the visual language.
The content integrates the school’s teaching philosophy and Taiwanese Culture, and the graphic expression is clear and generous, giving the Annual Report an international perspective.


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