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Teascent Valley comes from the tea area of Taixing Village in Alishan. The tea-making skills handed down from three generations have condensed the forest atmosphere into the fragrance of tea. Young people return to their hometowns to make tea and build a brand for the Taixing Tea District.

Located in the Taixing tea District behind Alishan, there are good teas, but they are not very famous. Maybe it’s not easy to get in because of the tossing of 36 turns into the Village.In order to emphasize the secret and beautiful environment of the tea area, the gift box is represented by mountains, valleys, bends and roads, and 36 detours are ironed. Let friends who receive gifts fall in love with Teascent Valley in the distant mountains.

Tea gift boxes focus on functionality and environmental protection. We use only one liner, and use creases and tear lines to match cans, size packs, and bare foil packs to more than 6 combinations.

In order to promote the youth market and tea drinking, the design cleverly uses five levels of no, light, medium, seed, and full to indicate roasting and fermentation. You can gradually learn about tea tasting.


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