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天下大飯店成立於民國74年,是台南最早的幾間商務旅館之一,曾接待過兩屆台灣總統與無數中外貴賓。2020年秋天,在走過三十五年歲月後進行全面性的翻修,同時更名以「天下南隅 Provintia Hotel」再出發。天下南隅小時記就是為此開始留下記錄。

Established in 1985, La Plaza Hotel is one of the earliest business hotels in Tainan. It has hosted two Taiwanese presidents and numerous foreign VIPs. In the fall of 2020, it was renovated after thirty-five years, and the name was changed to “Provintia Hotel”. Provintia Hotel handbook began to keep records for this.
Provintia Hotel handbook is designed as a gift for the welcoming guests. The cover is designed based on a movie scene played by the roadside in the past, taking you into a time record of the past and the present. Untie the elaborately designed butterfly ribbons to give visitors an atmosphere of opening gifts and start participating in Tainan’s food culture. This food handbook shares many food memories of Tainan people around the hotel when they were young. If your heart is ready to move, here’s a hand-drawn map ready for guests to take away and get started right away!As your time permits, take part in a relaxing adventure tour of Tainan.
The hand-drawn map is printed in special colors, and the illustration design is centered on the very famous Yamuliao Traditional Market. From the market to the ancient and modern delicacies outside the hotel, you can experience the unique cultural heritage of the Tainan people’s way of life. This is definitely an interesting travel guide for you.


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