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PULITO STATO 生活家用海綿系列_榮獲三項設計大獎

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UCC COFFEE 啡型日記 X 灣A麻吉Taiwanmal

2018-04-17/通過: pavetw

2018-01-07~2018-01-11 香港授權展 │ 熱情開跑

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設計印象雜誌 2017.11 No.95 │ 設計行旅展現台南創意力 報導

2017-12-28/通過: pavetw

2017 台灣設計展 │ 設計行旅 記者會

2017-12-28/通過: pavetw

2017台灣設計展 第一次記者會 │ 策展單位 百繪設計

2017-12-26/通過: pavetw

灣A麻吉果乾禮盒_榮獲2016 Topawards Asia 10月份包裝設計傑出獎

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Liberal communications director Chad Pederson confirmed all

Tempting as it might be face mask, I never recommend allowing…
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And Dumber is one of my favorite movies

This is art. And Dumber is one of my favorite movies. But I noticed…
2016-04-27/通過: pavetw

Two Xtreme players collided and fell as they went for the ball

He added a 22 yarder in the third quarter.Saladin McCullough…
2016-04-12/通過: pavetw

The tourists must get sick of lookin’ at all them photographs

Manufacturers use a variety of distribution channels to reach…
2016-04-11/通過: pavetw

We awoke from our expected disappointment to shocked awareness

Austen McKean opened the scoring with a bullet shot on the powerplay…
2016-04-03/通過: pavetw

Working the graveyard shift appears to edge you closer to the

MoreRestaurants in Paris for fine diningBesides the delectable…
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“The woman did not have symptoms while traveling

With a prose style that is both witty and wise, historian Donald…
2016-03-23/通過: pavetw

With the match making model used in modern games

It might take me a day or two, and I'll also check with other…
2016-03-22/通過: pavetw

Who fires him when the time comes?

Chilavert cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys, a national hero…
2016-03-13/通過: pavetw

It easy to identify the strengths and weaknesses

is the new generation of anabolic steroids safer steroids With…
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5 miles you start a small climb of about 500 feet for about a

Hikers who spend any time at all gearing up for this 8 mile ridgetop…
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